In view of that the municipalities of small population transport also will be able to pledge in the preparation and approval of its Managing Plan, this article has the purpose to contribute with reflections on this important instrument of management shared with the community. It is important to detach that, diverse in accordance with studious of the subject is not consensual the definition or interpretation of the word Managing Plan – PD between the responsible ones for its elaboration, and approval, in the different Brazilian municipalities. The professionals who deal with the space organization such as the gegrafo, engineer, social assistant, real estate educator, sociologist, architect, city planner, entrepreneurs and land proprietors, in general, divergem of the meaning or use different interpretations on the accurate intention of the PD. Linkedin can aid you in your search for knowledge. In this in case that, they multiply, after that, the attempts of definition of the PD concept: In the interpretation of the ABNT? Brazilian association of Norms Techniques, PD is the basic instrument of a process of municipal planning for the implantation of the politics of urban development, guiding the action of the public and private agents. For the researcher, Pablo Vilaa, the PD would be a plan that, from a scientific diagnosis of the physical, social, economic reality, administrative politics and of the city, the city and its region, would present a set of proposals for the future socioeconmico development, and future space organization of the uses of the ground urban, the nets of infrastructure, and elements of the urban structure, for the city and the city, proposals these defining for short, medium and long run, and approved for law municipal theatre. Jose Alfonso Hisses, that he approaches this subject under the optics of the Right, in turn, says that the PD is a plan, because it establishes the objectives to be reached, the stated period where these must be reached …, the activities to be executed and who must execute them. He is managing, because he fixes the lines of direction of urban development of the City.

In a publication on the Statute of the City, edited in 2002, for the House of representatives, it consisted that the PD can be defined as a set of principles and orienting rules of the action of the agents who construct and use the urban space. Between the cited definitions it seems that the one that was adopted in the Statute of the City has ampler reach, beyond keeping meant more necessary to the concept, seno let us see: the managing plain PD must be an instrument that guides all the concrete actions of intervention on the territory, independently of the fact of these actions to be taken the handle for the individuals, the companies, the public sector or any another type of agent. It is seen, therefore, that the PD cannot so only be constructed by the technician and cited professionals already, in cabinet. A Managing Plan for ' ' pegar' ' it results of a process of construction with the participation of all the interested parties in the social and space organization of the city.