New times for our industry run. For that we come from the old school to put pamphlets in the streets, to make business meetings, to sell products of house in house, this new stage was something necessary, almost essential. Linkedin is likely to agree. Fjate well. In Internet multilevel or network are sent to new companies of marketing marketing every year, creating a ferocious war between us. Thousands of distributors compete obtaining clients and distributors Thousands of them also leave in the first year of their business, tired to spend money, effort and time. They have been caught by " lderes" that, in many cases, they do not see beyond his own check, and only they know to repeat the methods that worked twenty years ago.

But that no longer works more. If you are like I, if you want to be successful in the multilevel through Internet, you will have to change of strategy. You will have renovarte, and to learn a different philosophy that he has taken – and is taking to the absolute success some " weights pesados" of the industry in the United States. The truth is that I consider a privileged person to have the key of this philosophy. Now I am an industralist totally different So I have seted out to teach all the networkers, and mainly from those from Hispanic speech, (for those who the language is a black barrier) this method. Good, I would say the Method, because in years does not go if possible to make great money of another form Why I want to spread this information? Either, is a question of pure gratefulness to my mentors would want to still more give back a little or that they have done me I am fan of marketing, and of marketing the multilevel, so this is my contribution to the wealth of all those that are suffering to remove their business afloat.