Model HP-Deskiet F2180 for example, differs from other printers, this same price category. He has the best access to the cartridges, do not tilt the lid with your scanner. A paper feed tray is made from high quality expensive plastic and equipped with a guide who used for printing small photos. And in the Canon Pixma MP160 scanner lid is lifted when scanning thick books and convenient it presses. But should also be borne in mind that inexpensive mfp scanner equipped with a CIS-scanning line, opportunities are limited. Scanner with a ruler can not scan in three dimensions, and is very sensitive to open the scanner lid. This leads to the fact that the image is overexposed and low quality. But for home use it fully meets our requirements.

Let's talk about supplies. Cost of consumables is important. And before you choose a model must necessarily mfp familiarize with the prices of cartridges for this model. In the set of cartridges are always sold at a deshovoy price, and to some models you can buy the ink, along with syringes and cartridges refilled itself. This fact will be a great advantage in favor of this model, MFIs. Highly recommend buying the printer to draw attention to the cartridge (how many pages of text or pictures will suffice him after refueling) If the mfp with integrated fax, need to ask optical resolution (DPI) when scanning a document. Source: Wells Fargo Bank. All Multifunction print digital photos, but of different quality. More IFIs differ in rate of scanning and sending fax minute.

And comparing your requirements, price, the main characteristics of this model can make the right choice. We should not forget about the means to care for MFIs, as ink-jet printing, droplets of ink can scatter and fall on the body itself a printer inside the device. There are special facilities for the care of printers and instructions. Use them to ensure the continued smooth and proper operation of the mfp. In conclusion, that today the market can offer for a very modest price of a unique set of functions in the form of mfp. Multifunction Printers, mostly all in color, with an average price range have the same speed, resolution and ability to work with photographic paper, as well as color inkjet printers. Even among the middle-price category is a model for anyone, even the taste. Refilling ink cartridges and printer repair inkjet multifunction devices.