Here you can find out why you not should advertise friends and acquaintances! YOU LIED TO THEM! Can you make good money in MLM/NETwork marketing business? Yes. In any case. Can you make it on the way, the MAN shows you? No. No longer, those days are over. These old strategies and methods no longer work in the modern world of the 21st century. Of course the NETwork marketing executives know and yet still these 7 bad lies they tell and are thus responsible for the failure of hundertausender tells beginners in this business. Are you guilty by spreading these lies? Right. “If you do that, what you the most MLM/NETwork marketing executives” apply, then lie on the people, without being themselves aware. These misleading statements, half-truths, and outright lies that daily potential customers and distributors are told this many hopeful Beginners, it is so shamelessly misleading this conscious Vorgaukeln false facts made so mad me, that I’ve decided enough is enough! Now, I’m going to tear down the mask these people and just put the behind infectious Lugengebaude. Gunther Werner