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Mountain biking rigida
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Mountain bike dual suspension
The mountain bike or bicimontana (in English, mountain biking, MTB) abs is the type of bicycle designed for travel on the mountain or through field. In Spanish is also the usual description of mountain biking (MTB) (from the French: Velo Tout Terrain (VTT).
Was ball born 25 years ago by the hand of the Californian Mike Sinyard, founder of the Specialized brand, which had the idea of creating a bicycle more robust in order to use it off the road, the famous Stumpjumper.
It is characterized fitness by some components (table, wheels, systems of exchange, etc.). More resilient to the impacts of the land and be equipped in many cases with a suspension system that can be simple (single front fork, also called ” Rigid “) or dual (front plus rear shock fork, called” double “). Likewise, the covers are thicker and better with tacos to absorb the irregularities of the terrain and get better traction. workout Finally, the diameter of the wheels may range from 24 to 29 inches. 26 inches being far more used since its inception.
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