Cashless payment delivery services can only benefit in Ratingen, September 2010. Increase sales by card acceptance? What is taken for granted in many parts of the trade, is still an exception in the mobile catering. Just the booming market for delivery services not advantage is the enormous revenue potential of cashless payment. But how, for example, at online shops also applies to pizza and drinks on the market services, caterers or Messenger services: the threshold of the customer to place an order, drops, the more procedures of number of are offered. To introduce mobile card payment is therefore the logical consequence of economic considerations. Card payment shows that the offer to the cashless payment increases revenues, rather than change the experience of pizza-service franc Hisers “call a pizza”. Rita Talke, white responsible for the payments in the call-a-pizza headquarters: “the customer access thanks to the card payment to the receiver and order, if you have no cash in the House. The effects are positive on our sales, out.” Also, the need to hold cash and process – a not low cost decreases with each card payment: according to EHI cash handling in the trading costs at up to 2% of the turnover.

In addition the accounting effort is minimized significantly the cashless payment, since settlements largely automated. Call counts a pizza nationwide 80 branches. Since 2002 when the franchise company was founded in 1985, also mobile card terminals be used, there are currently over 40 devices of type of Ingenico 7910. “The use of mobile terminals is well accepted by our customers since time immemorial”, white Talke. “From our point of view the card acceptance at the customer one thing absolutely worthwhile, round – just like our pizza. Therefore we communicate this through our flyers and also on the Web page, which now runs a non-negligible part of the orders.” How popular is the cashless payment at the front door, take examples: in the call of a pizza store in Berlin Charlottenburg uses franchisees four devices which, to meet the rising demand.