Important criteria for work clothes color material etc. Modern work clothing there is today in several different versions, colors, sizes, finishes and fabrics to buy. Depending on the request of the carrier, you should decide for the right, corresponding to the mechanical effects of Umelt fabric. The pre-selection of Workwear is facilitated by already one by the good categorization in craft or industrial / service at GenXtreme. Would you go deep alone at the Workwear of Blaklader in detail, would have about 40 different fabric and fabric types to explain. For the craft, there are almost equally appropriate fabrics for their appropriate Workwear requirements in addition to the typical craft colors, such as white for painters or khaki for carpenters. These can be light and breathable, robust and dirt-resistant, high visible and water repellent, or or or.

Assuming for example work clothes for the rough trade, in which the material is mechanically very stressed, are When Blaklader x 1500 series heavy fabric types depending on the usage range made of 100% cotton or blended fabric with a cotton / polyester mix. It is important to mention that these work clothing have pieces on particularly exposed areas, double and triple stitching. Modern treated and woven cotton is used often used and verschriehen in recent years as bad tissue on the rise again. The Sanforization is a species of refining material at work wear, this is due to the treatment of usual strake shrink effect of cotton prevents and can partially until 85 C are washed. Today also take advantage of the Mischgewebes, namely low running-in characteristics and long color fastness can guarantee you in addition to the advantage of comfort the what sooner or even today at cheaper clothing or junk goods was not the case and is. the matter here.

Only when the water-repellent and dirt-resistant behavior is just a tad bit ahead the mixed fabric of cotton, but the carrier loses the jeans-like comfort at the A work pants. Blended fabric vary along the weave in their mixing ratio. The ratio of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, the well balanced blend is classic in work clothes. To increase the proportion of polyester in this tissue, improves the water resistance and dirt behavior, reduce the share, to improve comfort. In addition to the various tissue types, also the weave is a decisive factor in the tissue of Workwear. There garments require Web canvas or Twill, where the individual threads are woven particularly strongly with each other and virtually indestructible to the classic Web styles for the sturdy craftsmen. The use of many more robust fabric Cordura used to particularly exposed areas of work clothes, such as knee pad pockets or the inside of the bag is also very frequently.