Variety Monsterslush it is now without artificial dyes in the fashionable cult drink slush ice crack new times, because MonsterSlush, which is market leader in Germany, bang the so popular with children to colorful drink without artificial dyes. To the lense the new EC Regulation No. 1333/2008 into force. It provides for the Europe-wide uniform use and Declaration of food additives. This consumer protection regulation should on the one hand to protect the health of the purchaser and unify the trade within the community on the other hand, and simplify. Among other things the azo dyes under additives at the food regulation, because these can lead to behavioral problems and restlessness in children with appropriate investment.

The foods enriched with these dyes have since the lense with the warning may affect activity and attention in children”are marked. To identify products with these colours so far only on their names, such as 102, 104, 110, 122, 124 and 129. banning the dyes concerned would have offered better protection for children”, complains about Waltraud Fesser, nutrition officer of consumers Central Rhineland-Palatinate. This thought also the responsible of the slush ice of brand MonsterSlush and exercise research in order to develop appropriate natural dyes, which gives the cult drink his typical, loud colors, without harming our children. Now Monsterslush is regulation able to bring syrups that are inked fully only with natural dyes on the market just in time for the entry into force of the new EC. The new slush ice syrup line is identified by a green cover on the containers.

So are almost all taste and thus color directions of the MonsterSlush program is now produced in natural colors. Our varieties of blue raspberry, Kiwi Pear, sweet Woodruff, Cola, Apple, lemon and blueberry are due to lack of alternative partly with artificial, however produced separately labelling under the new regulation colours. These varieties will have in the future Blue screw cap”, explains MonsterSlush. Although if necessary, slight colour variations to the previously used varieties should have this new series, so not the slightest change was made at the taste however, to avoid compromising the customer popularity of varieties. So, use characters in the right direction so responsible leader targeted and gain a huge competitive advantage to its customers. The end user can the harmlessness of the slush ice drink at the appropriate grade signs recognize that delivered to the resellers with the syrup and indicating that the buyer of slush ice gets free of artificial dyes.