When someone wants something must know that you are at risk and why life is worthwhile introduction is very important to start in what meditation generates and can help in personal growth, explore many events that are presented in our daily live, determine its cause, in order to be able to explain that we were wrong, we failed in our actionsIn addition to inquire more about ourselves, determine where our weaknesses are what you do to turn them into strengths, give step actions favouring us in our relationships, conduct. Finally, delve into the why sometimes we’re wrong for not being attentive and how to act in certain situations to n or generate us conflict. In all cultures is considered meditation as individual mental process that can transmit stability to the indoctrinated considerations basic to be taken into account would practice you meditation? Have you tried it? What has he achieved this? Do you have determined the effect, impact of meditation can lead you in? pro of its growth? These are some questions that can invite us in delve that meditation represents. In this regard has been written, that in the 19th century, the theosophists adopted the word ‘meditation’ to refer to the various practices of inner meditation or contemplation own Hinduism, Buddhism and other Eastern religions. However, it must be noted that this type of practice is not alien to the history of the West, as Celtic show discoveries of pottery with figures in yogic posture. In the early 20th century the majority of meditation techniques were little known beyond academic and religious circles. During the 20th century its use was extended to the general public, although ignorance of the broad and complex range of meditation techniques has caused to fall without too much rigor within the consumer market, and sometimes in the hands of pseudo-religiosos groups or sects, but what is meditation?, gives us Wikipedia, the word meditation next of the Latin meditatio, which originally indicated a type of intellectual exercise. .