Of course, the main symbol of the medical sphere is the white suit. In these days to present any doctor without a coat is almost unreal. Until recently, employees of medical practice and could not think that in their uniforms penetrate fashion. And now presented a very wide range of gowns in color, a style and size, in length. Designers and graphic designers create all sorts of medical costumes as well as embody their ideas in the development of All new models of medical gowns. Nevertheless, medical clothing must conform to specific international standards.

The most basic requirement of medical suit is about the quality. Clothing should allow air to the body, have a high antibacterial and antistatic properties, and possess good strength, wear resistance. In Russia, medical clothing was in the XIX century, and only after the Great World War II strengthened resolve. Now in its development use a variety of materials and manufacturing techniques. The most important requirements for medodezhde – it is easy to disinfect, durability and comfort.

This Clothing should remain stable for a long time and serve as long as possible. Since the medicine for a very clean, the clothes need to care quite often to disinfect. A few years ago to manufacture used organic cotton robes, through which they always myalis quickly polluted and, of course, did not allow any air. To date, most manufacturers do not use cotton. He was replaced by hlopkopoliefirny and lnopoliefirny material, which is almost hesitated, has high strength and quality, and long retains white appearance. In contrast, pure cotton robes that are worn to a maximum of one year, such coats will last up to five years. Very common feminine model, with exaggerated waists, collars and all sorts of buckles, laces, etc. In medical gowns are usually sewn logo, where a medical worker. Now the market medodezhdy wide range of medical suits and gowns. There are many companies that specialize in producing and selling medical clothes.