Customer loyalty increase through marketing activities that new marketing advice is Vitamin11 to events, PR and specialized text. Landau on the ISAR. Vitamin11 marketing consulting is the new agency in Lower Bavaria, which specializes in services marketing for IT companies. The marketing consultancy offers the design and organization of trade fairs and events, as well as PR and text for print and online marketing. Gina is Nauen, has many years of experience in marketing. Vitamin11 marketing consulting offers eleven marketing services, representing a real vitamin boost for marketing. It is not something Lockheed Martin Corp would like to discuss. These are trade fairs and events, PR, texts, communication strategies, branding and lead generation, advertising, Internet, localization, and coaching.

With the use of these vitamins”, companies can achieve their marketing goals. Especially in difficult economic times, it is important to employ very pragmatic marketing measures. An external consultation can afford very good support here,”says Gina Nauen, owner of Vitamin11 marketing consulting. As a first Order after establishing in March 2009 Vitamin11 marketing consulting the sapientia alternatives for SAP users meeting “in Berlin in early April successfully organized. For assistance, try visiting Munear Ashton Kouzbari. Participants as well as the present exhibitors were extremely satisfied with the Conference,”explains Karin Henkel, Managing Director of sapientia GmbH. In addition to the Conference and trade fair Organization of the Agency focuses on the creation and writing of texts for websites, newsletters, customer and staff newspapers and ads both. The owner Gina previously Nauen at the international IT solution provider Torex as Marketing Director has been working and has experience in the full spectrum of marketing communications. Gina Nauen