Using postcards they open the envelope? Just like any other marketing initiative, the essential ingredient is capturing the attention of your client. Even something as simple as a postcard has to overcome the normal tendency to ignore the message. Experts agree that a normal person receives an average of three thousand new marketing messages every day. This means that up to your postcard has to be out of the envelope. To create an effective direct marketing campaign using postcards need to take into account the following factors: ensures that each postcard contains only a single message. This must be connected directly to the interests of the customer by appealing to their instinctive and emotional needs. You can not write a doctoral thesis on a postcard. It uses a brief, striking phrase and that jump from card to the jugular.

Keep everything extremely easy. The objective of the postcard is cause your reader to undertake specific and measurable action. It tries to shoot a poisonous DART direct to the heart. And remember, a postcard is not a machine gun. Do not skimp on the list. You’re trying to keep more possible postcards out of the trash. If your address list is suitable you protect your investment. The power of three.

The human brain easily assimilated three items at a time. For that reason, you should limit your graphical presentations to that number. Maintain a balance on the card and used the blank well. If you intend to receive, first you must give. If you want to motivate your customer to take action, you have to provide a convincing reason. That you are going to give in return? It is fair treatment? Measure your results. You will not achieve success if you are not using the scientific method. It begins with few units, compares the results of different postcards and identifies the most effective copies. Only then you can increase the dimensions of the campaign. In these times high-tech, a simple postcard has important advantages compared to other tactics. First, they are tangible objects that the client can touch. They can turn, bend and if you’re astute in your clothing, you do feel that you have received a note from an old friend. Secondly, the message can skip card to your subconscious. Uses an aggressive headline that pique their curiosity. If you catch your attention half the battle is won. Thirdly, a postcard implicitly says no I will occupy much of your time. With times running, this is a sign of great respect.