Thus, all your headings should immediately engage the attention of potential customers and be focused on it. To achieve this, we need to know what your thinking target audience, what are the needs and desires of its members. The title must shout so that repeat a potential customer thinking, only then he will turn on it and will read the body of ad. So true is the statement that the title can be successful as an advertisement, and destroy it forever. Speaking candidly CMO, Nissan North America told us the story. 3. Short words, short sentences and small paragraphs.

Forget the style of language that you learned professors in institutes and colleges. Advertisement should be written so that it looked and sounded just as possible, it was easy to understand and gave an elementary guide to action. If you want to write should be almost at the level of eighth-graders. It should use short words, sentences, and build them into small paragraphs. Of course, your teachers talked about that we should not write a paragraph consisting of two or three sentences, but believe me, that they did promotional activities would not have succeeded. Too fussy and abstruse writing style confuses a potential customer because of what it attention is scattered, but once there, you can say goodbye to both the client and with the sale. And, accordingly, with a profit.

4. The approach should be specific rather than general. In all its advertising to be as specific. It should not, for example write: "Tamp your mailbox money!" It is better to write: "Get in your mailbox every day to $ 355!" In the same way: instead of "Secrets of earnings" to write "63-year-old soldier Marketing shares his experience and secrets on how to earn $ 578 every day.