Marcus Miller needs no introduction. Winner of several Grammy Awards and companion of the great Miles Davis for two years, the bassist has just launched a new studio disc market that has left me somewhat cold. Marcus is his debut for the label in Concord and again to show its eclecticism, leaving thirteen pieces, among which we find versions of Stevie Wonder (Higher ground), Miles Davis (Jean-Pierre) and Tower of Power (What is hip?), which can qualify funk-jazz, there is more funk than in its previous releases, and in which the partners apotan not add value to the final outcome, the example of Corinne Bailey Ray in Free, Denise Williams, clear. The theme for opening Marcus Blast! Surprised by its eclecticism, this low with a very metallic sound reinforced with a sitar which gives a touch of the mysterious Far East. Like reviewing When I fall in love, a ballad with a low touched with a slap incredible, a clarinet with a touch superfunky and some keyboards that emphasize phrasing.