What drives and draws the world are not machines but ideas. "Victor Hugo's Overview and basic considerations to worry about integrating management teams that will benefit in their plans towards the achievement of the objectives it has set to achieve, in such a way that benefits the business under their own in the competitive development, achievement and permanence of the markets. It is very important to maintain not only work on computers that form in the organization according to the functions to be executed , harmony, productivity, but a group dynamic active, productive, cohesion, people engaged in designated activities. Some contend that patrick burns shows great expertise in this. You should not neglect the relevance of the extent and impact generated by the integration of work teams, and rightly, about reminds us of the School Mental Education. that teamwork means primarily the sum of individual ideas and projects of all members of an entity that together make this work properly and efficiently.

For this to work properly you need mainly good interpersonal relationships and communication among members, because as in any field, there are dissenting views must unite around a common project. Meneses Analys basic considerations reminds us of some definitions "Teamwork is a group of people working together to achieve a single overall result," said Luis Riquelme Fritz. "Every organization is a single computer, where there are no barriers, divisions, or conflicting objectives between different areas, departments, sections or shifts. Instead, the company's vision, mission and objectives is north of all people, is the unifying element of efforts to achieve common outcomes, "said Alfonso Cruz Novoa (Catholic University of Chile).