Charismatic flash web design appeal of the day. Today, more and more sites are hopping with a charming flash designs fascinate the human eye. Any website design, whether it be HTML or Flash site based on the site, aims garn more customers. Web user is looking for unique content, high speed, smooth navigation and attractive web sites. The main goal is to offer customers and keep them on the screen.

Interactive and engaging Flash based websites, however, is no exception falling. However, Flash web design is very fashionable these days. Flash Web designs initially, Adobe Flash called Shockwave Flash. In the recent past have been called as Macromedia Flash, but will now be known popularly as Flash. In the second half of last year of the 20th century, Flash technology has become a popular tool for creating interactive Web sites and use of animation in web design. Today, Flash web design are the the primary means for creating an animated series, add up video into web pages, web advertising, and more recently in the development of Internet applications.ActionScript language used in flash. Advantages Very Interactive: Flash games, e-courses Learning, Edutainment is very interactive. Visitors enchanted by the interaction of which leads to inviting more traffic.

* High-expressible: Animated features an indelible impression on the human mind. Messages can easily be brought to the attention of visitors using a flash. For example, a flash of visible expression has a profound influence on the buying habits visitor. * A simple idea: Products and services can be easily are interested in using a flash. For example, demonstration of products. * Attractive: Flash is very visually appealing. The arrest of the samples are captivating effect on the search for the mind. Disadvantages Limitations search optimization: Flash web design is not search engine friendly. Search engine robots can not index the contents of Flash-site. This results in poor ranking in search engines result pages (issue). * Low download speed: it takes time to download the Flash-based website. Thus, visitors can go to other Web sites for quick information in seconds. * Dynamic programming can not be used simply: Websites of dynamic programming can not easily use flash. If necessary, it is converted to an HTML file, and then follow the Flash design. Despite the various loopholes associated with flash-based web design, he noted that the site is in development is a huge demand in recent years. Exciting projects that steal attention to the visitor’s first show.