Thanks system Rehnborg millions of people around the world were able to obtain for themselves the most important resources: time, money and power – allowing to be masters of their own lives, free chelovekom.Chem not the social aspect? The advantage of the companies working with the use of Multi-Level Marketing, concluded that they need not have a huge staff, have at their disposal large rented or own the area occupied by organization of retail trade, services, marketing, an extensive system of warehouses and spend a fortune on a large and often useless advertising. All the savings they go on improving technological processes for new developments and the motivation of entrepreneurs and professional growth of active users. In addition, producers of goods promoted through the Multi-Level Marketing is not necessary to spend large sums of money to create a beautiful package. This important aspect, because many products promoted by the traditional method, the cost of packaging exceeds the cost of the product itself. In Multi-Level Marketing all products promoted by word of mouth, so appearance of the product is not so important, more important than the effect which will be received by the user of the product. In my experience we want to note that companies using the system of Multi-Level Marketing, more responsive to the appearance of new use in their work the most advanced technology. Surprisingly, sometimes with the best quality products from companies Multi-Level Marketing money because of significant cost savings to lower compared to companies using traditional retail system to promote products. Despite its progressive nature and the success of Multi-Level Marketing caused many people have misunderstandings, primarily because people confuse this system with a direct sales and pyramids, masquerading as Multi-Level Marketing.

First do not like for one simple reason – few people want to be in the role of a "seller-applicant." A second fear and try to avoid anything that even in something might look like. It turns out that people are skeptical of Multi-Level Marketing, because nothing about it know. And if they learned that long ago would consume products with similar systems. Dispel these doubts can only be information about how this work. More information – less doubt. In order for the movement of goods has gone, it does not need to sell, the more alone.

It is important to find people who want to buy it directly from the manufacturer, as well as talk about this opportunities to others. Use the product for free or get paid for it yet and some extra money – is what allows the system Multi-Level Marketing with many of its customers; like it, it inspires. In Multi-Level Marketing, we are looking for like-minded people and develop the consumer network. And in this way, too, is the difference between a system Multi-Level Marketing from direct sales system.