Often the SMEs consider strategic to have as client a great chain of these and dedicate to concerted effort and resources to enter like supplier and later to stay like so, at the cost of all the impositions and demands that these chains demand. Personally it seems to me a high cost and not necessarily it can represent an excellent alliance. This depends doubtlessly on the strategy of each company, but in this example I want to illustrate that not necessarily great or important it means that she is a strategic client. Click Nipul Patel for additional related pages. Perhaps dedicating efforts to work with smaller chains with other channels of distribution, etc., can be more strategist for a SME. The final message is that it defines very well as they are the fundamental variables, of agreement with its strategy, to select to its accounts or strategic clients. Finally, one of the fundamental concepts so that the strategy of Key Accounts can work, is that all the organization must be conscientious and must be it jeopardize with an exceptional service to the strategic accounts. This implies that the process of Attention to Strategic Accounts, must be completely spread and must be applied concerning all the processes that somehow generate interactions or support to the same with the client. A person or group of people can exist who act like permanent contact with the client, like can be the KAM function (Key Account Manager), that not necessarily must belong to the area of sales, that will coordinate all the activities that the company realises with the client.

This connection will have to work with personnel, from the high direction to the direct operation of the day of day with the aim of guaranteeing an exceptional attention. Some authors on this subject speak of the necessary insertion of the high direction. I I consider that it is very important east point, but not only for the high direction. A bad experience of the client with any meeting point can generate problems to the strategy of strategic accounts. Therefore it is necessary to put much attention to all the points of attention of integral form.

I believe that all the companies we have a group of vitally important clients. They are the reasons that are, is important to maintain exceptional relations with all the clients, but very especially with these key clients. It is necessary to begin to analyze because those clients are so important for each of us and like we must obtain that they continue being or they get to be extraordinary clients, but who at the same time consider that we also are partners of extraordinary businesses for them. If this feeling is not mutual, its selection of accounts keys has failed or the level on watch that you are offering nonfull the expectations him of the client.