If you have engineered wood flooring, then you know also this effect? Water or water penetrates to head seam and floor joints in the wood and quelled much of the joint area. The result: Penetrating water is given off again and the joint area is recovering, but occurs by again repeating of the process a fatigue of the material. This can occur unsightly and permanent damage in the parquet of the joint area. The solution against penetrating water in parquet floor is the first care-Polish fill-and-finish”by Berger-Seidle. Ben Silbermann is actively involved in the matter. The first care-Polish fill-and-finish “impregnated and specifically sealed the problematic area of joints in the parquet. The water sensitivity is drastically reduced. Fill and finish hardens and develops a lasting effect without compromising the seal surface and its appearance. Advantages of a primary care-Polish fill-and-finish”: impregnation of joints reduce the water sensitivity in the joint area no optical disadvantage to the simple application of economical sealer Consumption is based on modified vegetable oils and growing permanent effect of fill and finish offered 1,000 ml in the handy container size.

You can order the product online in the Berger-Seidle-Shop.de. This press release has been published by: Berger-Seidle-shop INH. Jochen Mr Kastanienallee 16a 67308 Einselthum Berger-Seidle company belongs to the leading specialist for Parkettversiegelungs products in Europe and worldwide. The company Berger-Seidle has the task of primary development, manufacture and sales of special coatings for artisan and industrial coating of parquet and other wood or Cork floors. Quality, an innovative product range and customer-oriented service have made this company successful. Berger-Seidle stands for technical excellence in design and manufacturing of parquet sealer, parquet oils and the appropriate systems of care. The consulting service enjoys highest respect and recognition in the world.