Every fifth patient who goes to an eye doctor, is suffering from irritated eyes. There are eye doctors who focus completely on the treatment of irritated eyes and their causes. Relief shows for example an aerosol spray eye bath that uses the medicinal water of a source of iodine brine. Sprayed with a special mask fog concentrate on the eyes and the skin absorbs the ingredients of the iodine brine of mist. Eyes react to draughts, cigarette smoke or overexertion often with redness – a protective reaction, which increases the blood circulation. The vessels expand and fill with blood. Red veins appear in the eyes. Eyebright extract makes it shine white again. Also carrier of contact lenses often suffer from irritated eyes as well as allergies, which are plagued in the spring during the Heuschnupfensaison. Heating and air conditioning can also be triggers for irritated eyes. Long working hours at the screen, contribute to the reduction of the Lachrymal poor lighting and incorrect car fan in. Dry eyes and the feeling to wake up breakfast room with a foreign body in the eye are the result. However, once-ampoules with artificial tears help. People who spend much time in front of the screen and in air-conditioned rooms or wear contact lenses often prone to allergies and conjunctivitis. The eyes are irritated and itch or burn, feel dry and tired. Eye bath or eye shower are recommended against irritated eyes. Also eye drops can be helpful, but so-called eye baths are more effective in every case. The cornea and the conjunctiva of the eye will be cleaned and moisturizes at the same time. Eye baths are soothing and refreshing on the eyes and can help relieve irritation and irritation. Special eye baths for an eye bath can be bought in pharmacies. These are filled with spring water or filtered tap water, where it then cleans the eyes in circumstances with addition of a drug. For irritated eyes is often an eye bath with a broth from boiled horsetail, wormwood, fennel and Eyebright. The eye is immersed in the fluid in the eye bath and opened several times during the next 10 minutes and closed. In addition to the eye bath, there is the Kneipp method, which also relieve irritated eyes and beneficial economic. At the Kneipp method is 10 to 15 times spilled over the sink with two hands water at the closed eyelids. In the morning to begin the recommendation with lukewarm water and gradually lower the water temperature is, spills during one evening, the method simply vice versa and only cold water and then lukewarm water on the eyes.