Therefore, there are some hints for this kind of candidates: 1. Understand for yourself where you really want and could realize their full potential (the sphere of activity, position). 2. Learn more interested in detail the post (its demands, the working conditions of the employee, the average wage-term). 3. Create a professional resume. 4. Perhaps check out Hyundai for more information.

Will search for vacancies (estimate converge whether the requirements of employers and your knowledge and capabilities). 5. Prepare for the interview (learn more about the company, consider the answers to possible issues responsibly approach the appearance – “meet on clothes, was escorted to mind). 6. Never be late for an interview (this may just spoil the impression of you.) 7. When entering the room, say hello and be sure to call the name of the person from whom you are having an interview, also vacancy. 8.

At the interview behave actively, but in moderation, do your best to “sell” themselves, emphasize the qualities, knowledge and skills it is necessary for this work. Try not to fill his own worth, and show that you are really suitable for the job like no other. Successful completion of the interview – this is the first step towards achieving the main goals of the applicant – obtaining the vacant position. Next, we turn to another group of applicants. They are experienced professionals that are out of work due to the reduction. The crisis has acutely affected precisely on this part of the job seeker. The problem here is that these people are not ready for such change.