Raising his own website Internet users is increasing brand awareness. Servicing customers probably one of the main differences from other Internet media – interactivity, the ability to customer feedback. Any consumer purchasing a product or service to solve your specific problem or need, consider important to seek professional advice and competent advice. In this case you Site help section entitled “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ). Of course, providing such a service to the consumer for a long time you leave him a potential buyer in the future. Submission of such information not only for existing consumers, but also for potential customers to convince of the need to make a purchase in this particular firm.

Gathering the marketing information Thanks own Internet representation easily collect feedback on new products. An interesting and useful resource on the Internet has always attracted a lot of people. And as any business entity is required to know all about their potential customers, the leading website statistics visitors can handle the information about visitors, their geography, analysis of log files. Use of the site for searching and monitoring by survey is important for your business information. Support for Regional Policy The site can be a place of recruiting dealers and expand markets in Russia and other countries. Information and advertising support existing dealer network. For example, you can close public access to certain information and to provide such access only to their business partners in the region. Typically, this procedure makes it easier to deliver them necessary information.

English version of this site may be the start of negotiations with partners in foreign trade. This is especially relevant for exporting companies. Reduce costs of traditional Own web site suggests an additional service support, it should reduce the use of other types of feedback and, consequently, the cost of their software. In addition, if consumers find support provided by better and more complete, this will increase the positive experience of interaction between customer and firm and strengthen their relationship. Use your own website allows you to significantly reduce costs by transferring the focus from traditional media such as printed materials, on the presentation of information on the Internet. As a consequence, this should lead to a decrease in circulation and reduce the number of photos and printed materials, the release-time workers and the organization of the event. Competing With its own site, competition to the next level, since the Internet significantly alters the spatial and temporal scales of the medium of commerce. The distance between the seller and the buyer plays a role only in terms of transport costs. This opens up the possibility of expanding by the target audience and communicate with a global audience. The time scale is also significantly different from the usual and allows firms to make a decision several times faster than ever before. Recruitment of staff is a good site for an assistant personnel manager, who can be placed in the appropriate section of information about available job openings. It’s safe to say that the Internet becomes one of the most effective means to gather information about services. Additional features The advantage of using their own web site to other means is the ability to update information in real time without any cost to efficiency changes. The site can be published press releases and provided current information to consumers of its products. Internet Tools can be used in crisis situations, when the company needs urgent response to changing market conditions, etc.