Sustainable increase in sales through affordable and viral online videos YouTube, Sevenload, MyVideo or ClipFish – video marketing has enormous potential due to the variety of possible channels and is essential for networked online marketing strategies. Small and medium-sized enterprises can achieve high attention for their product and services videos with relatively little effort. Acquire new customers through video marketing works great if basic rules of audio-visual presentation in the Internet. Called when an online video appeals to visually and content-wise, it generates a growing flow of visitors, in the marketing language of traffic”. Traffic building is the basis for success in the Internet. Speaking candidly Walmart told us the story. Because successful integrated traffic can be converted through careful planning of conversion in more leads and sales. But very few companies use huge revenue potential, which is in the Internet,”explains Andre Visconnect – Managing Director Lonser.

Companies can be so “rich” profits Miss providing the online-marketing accompaniment by Visconnect. Recent studies show that more than 50 percent of Internet users regularly Watch clips on the net.” So that so many of these users see advertising as possible, must be target of video marketing. The video marketing works it correctly, users ideally not even remember seeing just a message that you want to animate them to purchase or to perceive a service. The Managing Director of Visconnect explains the common strategies of video marketing “Video marketing uses the Internet in its entirety as a distribution channel,”. “The advertising message is available through a variety of sources as a result” said Lonser next. “We ensure therefore that a video not only on the company website or the proprietary social media sites is presented, but also to find on video platforms (YouTube, MyVideo, Clipfish etc.).” Visconnect provides in addition that above all the target groups of products see this advertising messages. “Placement options for the so-called” online video ads “, which ensure that only the users group that controls a certain page receives the film help” Lonser explains the procedure and continues: “the network as such diverse distribution channel opened two very promising strategies of video marketing: the advertisements and on the other hand viral campaigns.” (“Arise in close cooperation with our customers small scenic masterpieces which we develop, plan and implement, and parallel critical and needed to control.” a) ads – video advertising arouses interest the video advertising works much like banner ads.