At this stage of business development in Russia, he is less like a business 90s, when the money is made only to 'kickbacks' and direct the activities and performance of a company went by the wayside. Now too many solves the human factor in contract, or search for a client, but fewer businesses to rely on friendships, more trusting in the work performed and the status of the alleged partner. So, what make for what to tell you about your business and prove their ability to compete in the market theme. It is worth noting that at present virtually no free-field for the opening of new business projects and competition occurs even at first glance, using a small supply of specific services and products. The surest way – is of course a selection of huge advertising costs of goods, advertising after the motor trade.

However, advertising in general media, especially the many young companies are not available. O, certainly a lot of registration cards and distribute them to friends and acquaintances to deploy promotional company, trading in centers or on the streets. Also there is another no less effective but less expensive way – is to develop a web site for your business. What gives you this web site? Just a site you of course neither of which will not, unless for information or function as a storefront. And – this window is always with you, all you need – it, or simply give the site address to a potential customer, or, as with the development of the Internet is quite possibly a laptop. The main function of the Internet site – is advertising a product or brand the company, by promoting the Internet site. Of course – it is also not free, but compared to how many ads asking for, the same newspaper regional destination, utter nonsense. The result of the transition of your business to the electronic level: a reduction and the ability to regulate the advertising costs for the season, new clients (the newspapers now read very few people), raising the status of your business opportunity open online store (more and more people prefer to buy something, not wasting time on travel and transportation of purchased).