For five people to three rooms, a total of 270,000 rubles for five days. It is almost seven times greater than for a stay of the exhibition’s most expensive rented apartment! To save, you can choose a hotel easier and far away, such as three-star Izmailovo (metro station “Guerrilla”) with numbers on the economy-2,5 thousand rubles for a single or double occupancy. For five days, five leaves 37.5 thousand rubles, which in principle is comparable with the cost of the most expensive two-bedroom apartment found on the website of the Centre for international cooperation, but we must bear in mind that the apartment located in the right area, and “democratic” hotel – much further. If, for example, a representative of the exhibitor will need a taxi for transportation to the exhibition and exhibition of product samples, or design elements stand, special savings will not succeed. Since the time of the largest exhibitions – “high season” in the rental business, find opportunities for further savings in its exhibitions will be difficult. Moreover, to not remain in this period, without affordable housing, it is recommended to book an apartment in advance – for three to four weeks. But if your trip to Moscow is not tied to such mass events or, better yet, have to traditional “low season” – late July – August and all holidays – boldly demand a discount! At the Center for International Cooperation and you own it gladly offered if your arrival falls on the “peresmenok” – say, for weekend between the two bi-weekly orders on which the landlord would be quite difficult to pass a specific apartment.