Because High moisture resistant qualities and excellent adhesion, magnesium can be used practically without further processing. Magnesium board does not warp from moisture, high temperatures, aggressive media. Sheet of glass is convenient and can applied during installation of walls, partitions, and finish ceiling and wall surfaces, columns, slabs, can give the necessary form curved surfaces. Sheet of glass is perfect as a non-removable formwork for Frame-house construction. Due to the antiseptic and moisture-resistant properties of magnesium compounds, glass-sheet can be used in household rooms and dining rooms, bathrooms and swimming pools, shops and office buildings, anywhere where possible contact with food is likely to develop fungal infections. Sheet has a water-resistant qualities, does not absorb moisture and does not change the geometric size in contact with it moisture. Use of glass sheets in the baths, swimming pools, etc. guarantees the preservation of structural strength and quality of the leaf surface.

Magnesium has good heat and sound insulation that helps protect the building from noise exposure in the construction of interior partitions and keep the heat inside the building. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Karen Fang. Glass-sheet refers to non-flammable materials category ny, maintains temperature of 1200 degrees C for two hours while it does not emit toxic substances and suffocating smoke. Summarizing the above, we can confidently say that the scope of magnesium is quite broad: Internal walls, ceilings, floors, installation of partitions. External cladding of buildings, shopping and commercial complexes. Walls, floors and ceilings in wet areas: saunas, swimming pools, bathrooms, basements and garages. Creation refractory fire designs. Erection of permanent shuttering using magnesium advantages of glass sheets of magnesium include only environmentally friendly materials, absolutely do not contain harmful substances. The antiseptic properties of materials, components magnesite slab and prevent mold and fungal cultures.

The surface of glass sheet coated on both sides of the reinforcing glass fiber net, which gives the leaf high strength characteristics. The front surface of magnesium sheet is very smooth, it is ground and is completely ready for finishing, it can be painted, glued to her any decorative materials: wallpaper, plaster, ceramic tile, glass, mirrors, chipboard, plastic, aluminum-composite panels. Treatment of magnesium is very simple and well as working with the gcr does not require special tools or complicated devices. Ease of magnesium (Recall the weight of magnesium up to 45% less than the GCR), allows to quickly assemble complex structures, can significantly reduce the weight of the whole structure (and hence remove the load from the frame), lightweight magnesium allows employ fewer workers at one facility.