How to deal with photobanks. Mikropeymentovye Bank – photobanks that sell online stock photography and 3D graphics, video and flash videos on Royalty Free or Extended Royalty Free license. Royalty Free License – the license for which all rights image after the sale are the author, and the buyer receives only the right of limited use in terms of circulation of the image. For this license, you can sell your work as an image, and on their websites. Extended Royalty Free License – the license for which the buyer has more advanced features on the use and circulation than the Royalty Free, but the right of the image remains with the author and you can also sell their work elsewhere. Who buys image photobanks? For example, you live and work in Europe or America for your site and you need an illustration. Hiring a photographer for a few small pictures will be very expensive and your project is not yet drawn.

And to use someone else's work, especially without permission from there as it is not accepted. So the best option to apply for the images from the famous photo bank. That's why photobanks recently acquired immense popularity and the number of purchases is growing. Audience buyers also greatly expanded in the first place is of course designers and printers, but also in their ranks and join the most ordinary people, who want to buy your favorite works to decorate its interior. How and how much to buy? By accessing the Site of any Image Bank, you will see a form to search for that you must enter the word you want to search.