This is an example of how to use the Ebay search tab to triple your sales and profit in 1 month! He had found a major supplier of computer liquidation products using my eBay Power Seller cloning techniques. I was excited to be selling more than $ 1,000 a day on these products (parts and laptop accessories.) I realized that there were a lot of repeat buyers, which is a great thing. I want to try the products and fast shipping, and emailed follow-up immediately. Patrick price wanted to know more. These are the keys to the building of opinions. Patrick dwyer new edge understood the implications. I was searching eBay for new products and ideas one night when a light went on in my head! I decided to check the sales history of eBay buyers of my products, I assumed they were using in their computer repair shop. “Important lesson I learned on eBay and over again!” Do not assume anything, as if a product is sold, what price will sell for what the eBay seller can do with the product.

Keep an open mind and do not limit the opportunities for profit. I went to the search tab on Ebay and I wrote in one of the eBay user ID that purchased products from me. The user ID is available on any eBay listing. Then I clicked on the eBay search option and opted for the bidder and entered his eBay user ID, when I looked last 2 weeks of eBay purchases, I noticed that the vendor supply a large amount of computer components Portable many different eBay sellers.