In this section, I will tell you how to select an acoustic guitar if you want to start learning to play on it. Many people write that it makes no sense to save when buying such a thing as a guitar. If you have sufficient funds it really is not worth saving. The first tool you will be remembered forever and will serve as a stimulus for your training. But if the opportunity to spend the benefit of about $ 500 you currently do not have, then upset, certainly not worth, because you can buy a good tool for beginners and for a fairly small amount of 1500 rubles. Especially because all the beauty and richness of sound you can appreciate just having at least some experience with tool. So, go directly to the selection. Of course, it’s better if you do it with a professional or at least, with someone who is not the first day playing the guitar.

And if you decide to purchase it expensive tool, one just should not meddle. Often you can buy a defective guitar or instrument of any brand, made in the country that this mark has nothing to do:) It is better to take a knowledgeable friend. Choose a guitar is not in appearance (although this is important too), and first-turn on the sound, you do not buy a sweater in the store. Read additional details here: Linkedin. Remember that it should be you comfortable in all respects, do not forget that There are different sizes of guitars. So do not hesitate to ask sellers. gain more knowledge.. In music stores usually work involved people who should be good to the person who is going to do their favorite business. Ask to play the guitar, find out what species of wood are made part of it, in general, consult with your choice. When you have decided on the instrument, the next step to test it for flaws.

Special attention is given to the following details: Enclose your guitar to the shoulder, to be sure that the neck level on both sides. Distance between the strings and 12 frets nut should be about 4 mm. Look for cracks on the deck test the pins. (If you have forgotten that the name-check out the device guitars). Remember that not every guitar you can put any type of strings. If you pull the iron strings on a guitar, not intended for it – the neck is simply to lead. (Usually metal strings are put on the guitar, whose neck is in a special terminal, which adds rigidity). Well, basically, that’s all. Good luck with choosing!