In different places and at different the prices vary greatly. The only area where the spread is not so great, it's real estate market. The choice of real estate in America is huge, and everywhere the supply exceeds demand. Taking credit for home purchase, you are count, can not pay the monthly payment to the bank or not. Hence the approach to the planned income quite different than at home. Here we must proceed from the money you can earn without strain, without betraying their aspirations and principles.

Starve of hunger in America will not allow even the idlers, but benefits are calculated on the nose, so that man could live without interfering with the rest of their poverty. On the relation of Americans to foreigners Hospitality, bordering on poloumiem. Benefactors showered immigrant fiction (by our standards, of course) gifts. Not new, but it is quite benign. Refrigerators, televisions, washing machines Charity in general hallmark of American society. If rewarded responds with gratitude and wishes to continue the dialogue, indescribable delight. On the street, having become acquainted after trifling conversation, you are invited to come to visit, talk, however, never insist. Reported that recently in Russia, causing an explosion of enthusiasm: Russian is still not enough. The influx of immigrants welcome because American youth are not willing to learn, and the need for specialists is covered largely by immigration. Immigrants and their English in the language at first, too, was a shock, despite the fact that the backs were school and college.