It is not necessary to be an expert if we want to give animation to a green place that fill us energy and make us see that the true miracle has source every day within nature. Despite the fact that we are surrounded by cement, we are part of nature. In the Bible, the site that was created so that living beings inhabit, was a beautiful garden called Eden. From that moment, civilizations took the most important thing for your life. A garden is without a doubt, a place of protection, food and fertility. The fact of making domestic plants, he brought with him the sedentarisation and thus agriculture germinated the first civilizations. Through the gardens it is possible to identify the architecture, sculpture, philosophy, botany and art in general. Thus, this space is an essential part of the life of the human being, which tastes, personality and mood of who owns it are reflected.

All kinds of garden has its perfect space, both in its shape and in its size. Starting with vast areas of natural protection, such as the eastern hills in Bogota, as well as the parks of the city, until a simple pot at the table of a House, passing through the parks of the neighborhoods, green areas, private gardens, balconies; its setting features are a sample of the personalities. Francis Bacon in the seventeenth century said: (the plants are) the largest soda to spirit. One could add: are acts of permanent optimism. See birth some flowers or see how a tree develops really is one of the largest tastes in gardening and an exquisite food for the soul. All gardens are source of life as well as a sample of dynamism, a perfect balance is always appreciated who enter the crea and the instincts of the plants. They are permanent resource of beautiful scenery, deep and at the same time subtle aromas and sounds and not be an expert or a great Decorator to develop a harmonious garden. A beautiful garden is born in interest by a plant or a specific flower, various of the most wonderful have surfaced of innocence or by experimentation.

Making use of our creativity, and with enough affection, we see miracles with few resources, as we can see in many humble homes in the countryside in our country, full of creativity and perfect details. You can see beautiful arrangements using from a used tire of a vehicle converted in matera, until the weak plastic box obtained in any market which give color and shape to these gardens full of recursion. Colombia, fortunately has a few great riches in botanical and climatic diversity on our planet, what undoubtedly allows to cultivate thousands of magnificent plants that other countries can only be seen with much effort, in large greenhouses and gardens. On the other hand, this country has a wide variety of climates which allows easily cultivated plants of different places on the planet. Original author and source of the article.