Double cash return of investors can expect from the new FIDURA yield security plus ethics 3 Fund cash return from proceeds resulting from the sale of the incoming investments, as well as from dividends and interest income. Investors who decide not expressly against the capital protection, can count on further recoveries from insurance products to the end of the agreed term. In the Sense of ethics and sustainability orientation will be at the FIDURA yield security plus ethics 3 Fund donated five percent of the resulting not from insurance income distributions for ecological or non-profit projects. Savings plan enabled the subscription period of the FIDURA doped with a target volume of EUR 30 million return on security plus ethics 3 Fund ends on December 31, 2011. The Fund has a planned duration until December 31, 2031. The minimum amount of drawing is 19,500 euros plus five percent agio. Fund based on a savings plan is an investment in the new FIDURA in the form of a one-off payment of at least 1,500 euros and instalment payments over a maximum 15 years possible.

About FIDURA capital consult GmbH and the FIDURA private equity fund the FIDURA private equity funds invest directly in growth-oriented medium-sized companies and provide access to the profitable asset class normal investors private equity. Private equity investors of the FIDURA benefit fund of the high yield potential of innovative companies. The current offer, the FIDURA Return on security plus ethics 3 Fund, moreover, is the only publicly offered private-equity funds with solid ethical investment criteria in Germany. At the same time the FIDURA offer Fund optional the possibility of securing capital through first-class Anglo-Saxon insurance companies. Placed funds amounting to more than EUR 75 million that belongs to the leading suppliers by directly investing private equity public funds in Germany Munich Emissionshaus FIDURA capital consult GmbH. Contact: Dipl.-ing. Ingrid Weil press and public work FIDURA capital consult GmbH Bavaria ring 44 D-80336 Munich Tel.: +49(0)89/2388 98-15 fax: +49(0)89/2388 98-29 E-Mail: Internet: more at: