If you are unsure about some transaction, then just stay out of the market. 7. Should keep a diary of all their transactions with the description of the rules that you follow and evaluate how the winning and losing trades. 8.

If at some day you too emotional, regardless of whether it is positive or negative emotions, do not trade on that day. 9. Since many errors are not so rude, it is necessary to closely monitor their errors and to establish them as soon as possible. It is not necessary be presumptuous arrogance can weaken your concentration and plunge you into a state ‘that nothing can go wrong. ” It was at this stage, anything can go wrong.

Do not fall into this trap. Follow the rules below to overcome the presumption. 1. Remember that arrogance may arise if we have too many winning trades. 2. Be careful if you have any idea what your trading system can not perform error. 3. Stop yourself when you think you should increase the amount of chit deals, because you’re never wrong. 4. Be suspicious when you consider that you can predict the direction of the market. 5. Do not let arrogance force yourself to exceed the trade regime, which leads to losses. 6. Overconfidence can lead to fantasies about 100% of profits and cause a loss of discipline. If this happens, you should stop trading and redirect their thoughts on the trading system. 7. You are in reality its trading system. If you have a lot of winning trades in a row, do not forget to look at long-term performance of the system, which include losses. Development Winning attitude While following the rules above is a good thing, this is not enough. Development of a winning attitude to stop the emergence of negative thoughts and the influence of external factors on your plan. Here are my thoughts on the development of a winning attitude. 1. My positive attitude increases my trading performance. 2. No need to dwell on the losses, if they are part of the system. 3. Achieving goals means setting goals. Avoid setting goals that can not be achieved. Objectives include the following to your system every day. 4. Achieving goals means winning the implementation of its ‘homework’ before starting the market. 5. Achievement winning goals means placing all their orders on time. 6. It is important to understand how your system is built and what you can expect from it before to conclude its first deal. 7. Achieving the goals of winning means following them from beginning to end. 8. Should concentrate on winning the next transaction and leave the previous deal in the past. 9. A winning attitude has to be organized and consistent, to set goals and always follow them. As for me, trading psychology provides half of my trading profits. It does not matter how good your trading system or how wonderful your strategy. If you can not consistently monitor their winning and losing trades, then you can not effectively use their system. The combination of the rules above, your sales approach will help you to effectively follow rules of its own system. I’m sure it can help you on the path to becoming a successful trader!