Genealogy is the history of one or another kind in all aspects of life of its members, both public and family Hello! So, you decided to investigate their family history. I will tell you how best to do it. What steps to take for this? Where to start? First Step. First of all, conduct home audits of old documents and photos. Documents that contain genealogical information – birth certificates, Marriage certificates, divorce certificates, death certificates, passports, employment records, certificates, diplomas, certificates, diplomas, certificates, order books, military cards. Pay attention to the Names, dates, residence, family ties. With clear photocopies of all documents. Copies of all documents add up to one daddy.

Photos desirable to convert into digital form. Second Step. But now we have to talk to relatives. Ask your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles all that they remember. Living in other cities to ask the letters, but better by telephone and e-mail. Nothing terrible, that many details will be at the level of family legends.

Of course, the genealogy exact science, but sometimes come in handy and malodostovernye at first glance information. Third Step. So, the first information and data you have. Now turn to systematize information to understand where to direct further efforts in their search. In this we can help your computer. Or rather a special computer program "Family tree of family." The program must enter all received You in the course of the research data: name, first name and patronymic of all your relatives, birth date and if the person is already there – the date of death, names, name and patronymic fathers and mothers, place of birth, all known biographical information about each man. Fourth Step. The computer will build us a general family tree and now we have become the most famous "old" we know of their ancestors. Much do you know about him? If you are unsure of its date and place of birth, can be safely sent to the archive or write request to the archive if it is in another city. Addresses of archives you can see all there is on the program website on the boards for beginners. There you will find samples of how to write letters to the archives. Received information in the archives of record in the program. Do not leave it until the information is still fresh in memory. In addition to textual information accumulated in the course of your research, there are no less important information. A namely – pictures! What were your ancestors! This too must be preserved. To do this, go to the photo album program. There is a general and a personal photo album. In the personal photo albums to store pictures, related only to a specific person. But all in all – pictures are common, or those photos that you do not know where to refer. In addition to photographs now appears a new kind of media – video! Video carries more information than just a picture – namely, movement and sound. In addition, there are records on the tape. They can be digitized. All the multimedia information to make a video album. And not least the program is always in advance to remind you of upcoming birthdays of your relatives!