Already Wools Houses (2006, P. 26) follow thought of Kotler the same defining the marketing of the following form: Marketing is the area of the knowledge that engloba all the concernentes activities to the exchange relations, guided for the satisfaction of the desires and necessities of the consumers, aiming at to always reach definitive objectives of companies and individuals and considering the environment of performance and impact that these relations cause in the welfare of the society. As we saw well for the authors, the marketing must is intrinsic in the organizations in the generality. This marketing is not limited only the one characteristic, more in some tools. Hyundai is full of insight into the issues. One of the tools of the used marketing more is the made up of the marketing, also known as mix of the marketing or marketing composition, that is set of controlable elements for the marketing manager, that by means of it can get one better adequacy between market and the living demand. The mix of the marketing are formed by four subgroups of 0 variable, usually call? the four Ps' '. They are: price; square; promotion and product. This work will at great length present the mix of the marketing. Official site: Hyundai.

Moved for the study to promote an improvement of the current reality of company GAC FRUITS, this work will make with that if they have viable ways for the development of the company in study. With this, it is presented initial question pra this work: How to make possible the implantation of the study of the mix of the Marketing in company GAC Fruits? In order to get this reply, let us trace the following general objective: To identify to the viability of the application of Mix de Marketing in company GAC Fruits. for the following specific objectives: To carry through a survey of the current situation of the price, square, product and promotion of the GAC FRUITS; to analyze and to demonstrate the gotten data; to present an improvement plan for the detected problems; to apply the Mix of the marketing in company GAC FRUITS. .