You do not expose to your friend to the wraths of your enemy. Venezuela proverb as we know has not only initiated new openings for a Policy of Foreign trade more dynamics, to try to penetrate in new markets, but, that in addition, confront serious problems in their enterprise sector, where many companies, especially the SMEs, face serious problems of operativity, product of the economic restrictions that the State has established, combined a the political uncertainty and its repercussion in its objectives, I put, entailing to that many have closed, another their operativity does not guarantee a productivity that allow them to compete, by restrictions of the limits in the currency policy and other actions that the Bolivariana Revolution has taken and that has affected its behavior, as all the referring one to taxes can be indicated. Before this reality, that also since it has been said to the beginning, like the new commercial opening undertaken by the present government with new treaties, alliances, great opportunities present/display, that will be able to take advantage of only it the companies that have financial endorsement, technical, products that can compete. For more specific information, check out Robert Kiyosaki. The chair of international trade of the postgraduate of Administration, mention markets, cannot elude its uprising and analysis of this reality and for it through his forums, it sets out his opinions, thanks to the participation of his students, as the case of Thaiana Diaz, that on the matter it thinks: The companies that penetrate in the international markets are exhibited to an aggressive competition and to be excluded, its strategies they do not have to be oriented to offer products of excellent quality, to competitive prices and to require of efficient channels of distribution, is here where the trade plays a fundamental roll since it allows to establish the lineamientos to obtain its competitiveness in these markets. The Venezuelan economy been has marked by political Populists who when happening of the times have not generated growth economic, besides being an economy totally employee has caused I de-stimulate to the impulse of the small ones and medians companies like determining factor in the generation of income and therefore little export of national production. .