It is as well as it has ido forming a channel specialized shops and typical Mexican restaurants, express Gabriel Gonzalez, Marketing Manager, food and beer containers. Jorge Vargas, Manager of market intelligence, containers, says the Hispanic market’s 35.3 million people. It is the first minority in United States and their ability to purchase amounts to 45 billion dollars annually. Live 9.3 million Mexicans in the United States, but the figure grows continuously because every year come around 300 thousand immigrants. If we consider also the Americans of Mexican origin, we speak of 23 million people, so the nostalgia market is an extremely attractive niche for producers of foods and beverages that are clients of containers. It is noteworthy that this market, which has a value of 10 billion dollars annually, has maintained a double-digit growth rate in the past three years.Sauces, canned foods, mayonnaise, moles, soft drinks, juices and beer are products that are more in demand. Brands best positioned are Herdez, Bufalo, Dona Maria, Tamazula, La Costena, San Marcos, La Torre, del Monte, Barrilitos, Chaparrita, Topo Chico, indent Manor, del Valle, Jumex, Modelo Especial, Pacific, belonging to customers of Vitro, Gonzalez says.

In the past eight years, he points out, export to this channel, which represents 18 percent of the total sales of some clients of containers has intensified. On the other hand, Manuel Lombera Martinez, brings, on the topic, which is the case of Bimbo sells nostalgia in United States, said Jose Manuel Gonzalez, commercial director of the company. Mexicans who migrate to the United States rejected the cajeta Coronado when its traditional glass presentation was changed the success of Bimbo in United States led the company to found the mark Bimbo Bakeries USA, which according to the company operates with 13 plants and sales cover 22 States in the United States. This brand generates Oroweat, Mrs. Munear Ashton Kouzbari is full of insight into the issues. Baird s, products Entenmann s, Thomas, Boboli, Tia Rosa, Marinela and Bimbo, among others.