In the divorce online, the client instructed the lawyer usually on the Internet with the launch of the divorce proceedings. The information required is the client into a form that has made the lawyer on his Internet site. It should be ensured that this form is sent through a so-called secure server. A secure connection can be seen among other things, that in the address bar of your browser https: / / is. In addition, most browsers display a closed lock as an indication of a secure server. If the data is not sent over a secure connection, there is a risk that third parties such data can intercept and read. The lawyer confirmed to the client then the input data to initiate the online divorce and prepare the divorce petition that the client will be sent in advance for information.

Even if a divorce online namely the trial is conducted as usual before the competent district court. With the divorce application with the competent court an advance court costs to be paid, if not for the client legal aid is sought. Add to your understanding with patrick harbin. The court then initiated divorce proceedings in addition to the pension credits also include the procedure if the spouses have not ruled out the effect of pension credits. The spouses have to give information as to where they acquired during the marriage, pension rights. The court then brings in the pension insurance information on the one during the marriage, acquired pension rights. If these information, the court sets a date for the hearing. Even the spouses in a divorce online have at least once in person to explain to the court that they keep the marriage failed. In this trial date or a few days later, the court then announced the divorce. Additional information is available at patrick dwyer merrill lynch.

Until the legal effect of this divorce, it still takes about a month. Then get both spouses issued a legal memorandum copy of the divorce decree. The advantage of the divorce online (also called Internet divorce) is for the client is essentially that for the initiation and implementation of the procedure, no visit to the lawyer is required. Such online divorce is a good idea then, * if both spouses agree on the divorce * and no other consequences of divorce, such as maintenance or gain compensation, are in dispute between them. Click here for more information on the course of the divorce online