Useful selection and mutation as the basis of the healthy economy. Every company should constantly ask the questions: where are we currently compete with our services and what interest have potential customers our solutions, now and in the future? How developed our competition and how the general social development? We make the transition from growth to the development. By the No. name primary care to premium products in our value chain. Adapted all parts (soft facts and hard facts) of our company (sales, production, marketing, GL, service) perfectly to the innovative progress (the best fitted survive it!)? And can we prove empirically that? Who knows my article, I have a systemic vitalistic perspective. Located in accordance with the natural processes, in contrast to the mechanistic analytical Cybernetics of steam engines cultures. The Austrian macro economist Joseph Schumpeter (1883-1950) published his idea in 1911 ‘creative destruction’ (death, management 1 order) individual elements of the economy, based on the natural evolution.

This was very unusual and unique for the cultural process of the economy (third-order Cybernetics). An unemployed or the workforce, explain by SCHLECKER (2012, an initial closure list with 2,500 markets…) A dismissal list, employing approximately 11,200), the loss of jobs for the whole of society (capitalism, social democracy) is helpful and that each and every one for the benefit of all would sacrificed. Nature (1 conversion circuit) scheme and cultures (value chains) we know that controls mean. Initially, still much money with a major new problem solving is made in a company. Therefore, the company was founded in time. Later, the question arises more and more: how am I positioned in the market? How do the customers need changed? You have what congestion? What are you willing to give me their money? We know every staff in decreasing scope, deals himself rather than to seek more and more to customers.