Information support site includes content relevant information, create new sections on the site, seasonal decoration design, etc. As a unique corporate website – this is its "face" is of great importance is the quality and appearance of the (design) site. Site design solution must comply with corporate identity and ensure a comfortable stay of visitors on the site over a long period of time. Among the indicators of the quality of websites critical are simplicity, efficiency and speed of loading pages: Simplicity – the site should be easy to use. Each visitor anywhere in the site should be aware of what he needs to go here to get the information of interest, the effectiveness – is easy to use: well thought-out navigation, quick search of the necessary information, well-structured presentation of information, at least users' movements ("clicks") and Maximum use of AJAX to avoid unnecessary page reloading, speed – all pages should load quickly except when the load is caused by the implementation of a potentially lengthy operation, also addition, the corporate website should have a content management system web site or CMS (Content Management System).

CMS – is a complex software product that allows you to manage content (content) and the structure of the Internet resource. Typically, the system controls are easy and intuitive interface that allows you to easily maintain the site and make changes to it, even inexperienced users without programming skills. Besides the basic functions – help change information on this site, content management systems to automate and solve many other important tasks: Conduct surveys and marketing studies, organization of electronic documents; Manage advertising campaigns on the site collection and analysis of resource usage statistics; Receiving and processing mail, organizing mailings.