Aluminum tile 'Priordeco' – new trends in design. Appeared recently in the construction market, and is perceived by most as a refinement rather than as a practical invention that was not only beautiful, but also practical. Each year, designs are becoming delicacy, for finishing find new solutions. Now nobody will be surprised with beautiful handmade tiles made to order. Most recently begun used in design of tiles keramgranita coated metal, and of this innovation is already tired of all, replacing a tile was tile made of 100% aluminum, the main feature of which is consummate its kind. Credit: Hyundai-2011. A definite plus aluminum tiles – her hygiene. Surface of the tile has been (as opposed to ceramics), respectively, absolutely will not absorb odors, and in addition it is very easy to clean by any means for cleaning floors. This French aluminum tiles can be used in any design decision, whether you want to use it on the wall or to cover its floor.

The standard size of a single wafer 30.5 sm.h30, 5cm., The size of one tile 1.5 x 1, 5 cm, 3×3 cm, 1.5 x 5, 10.15 cm, 1.5 x 3 cm color ral, polished or matt surface, but there are no restrictions for design ideas for the moment the manufacturer does not standard sizes, different colors and sizes need only look at the catalog and see huge variety of color palettes, and not the standard size. All this opens up for the designer truly unlimited space for creativity, this aluminum tile is truly a godsend for the realization of the most unusual and bold ideas in the organization of interior design. Each tile is made of 100% aluminum This tile can be used in any room, as it is easy to clean. What all did you need to get a modern interpretation of a finish, of course, to use modern materials, in addition each year the price of non-ferrous metal only grow a good investment is not it?