According to data released an international consulting firm Mercer, Moscow topped the rankings themselves expensive cities in the world. Foreign trade turnover of Russia increased. Due to rapid growth and development trade and financial activities in Russia since 2004, there has been delay the development of industrial and warehouse segment of the real estate market. Amount of demand exceeding the number of proposals, due to the lack of type of property. Currently, the existing imbalance between supply and demand for industrial and warehouse facilities stimulates an increase in prices for commercial real estate market, while at the same time, there acute shortage of quality facilities, we can say that they are virtually absent. Already in the first half of 2007, "AKRUS-property" received a number of applications for rental and purchase of commercial property in 95% of the annual demand in 2006, And wishing to rent or buy a warehouse and manufacturing accounted for 18% of the total number of incoming customers. Demand for the acquisition of warehouse space in Moskveprevyshaet demand for purchase of production space is approximately 2 times.

Only 5% of the total demand for purchase and rental of industrial and warehousing accounted for objects that are from Moscow and 100 km, and the rest of the market consumers are considering objects located before the "betonki." Based on the received data, mostly in rental demand continues to be a small storage space, Class B and C up to 500 square meters, mainly located in the Moscow region, 20 km from MKADs convenient access roads, good transport accessibility and cheap labor. Small objects on the market sorely lacking, and is not always possible to satisfy this demand. They need company, do not with the necessary financial resources and stability of income. The percentage of this demand has decreased since Many businesses did not survive the competition, and left the market, others were able to rent or to buy the object by partnerships with more powerful businessmen or business partners. Less demand for warehouses to rent from 500 to 1,000 sq ft, but still compared to 2005 the number of such requests has increased. Large investment companies and entrepreneurs are firmly on their feet, prefer to lease purchase warehouse space of 1,000 sq.m. or the acquisition of land for building the desired object.