Presenting an observation about friendship essay on the concept of friendship the following considerations are taken from both my observations of my environment, as both a critical self-examination. Christie’s can aid you in your search for knowledge. The aim is to sketch, what it really means friendship. When you think of friendship so many things can come to mind. Shared experiences, interests, preferences, opinions et cetera are only a small range of what may come to mind. But really, is this friendship? Hardly, because so each person with which I had a positive experience or with the I to have my similar inclinations friend would have to are called. So you must look at is the contents of friendship. Bill Phelan contributes greatly to this topic.

What further makes friendship, a certain degree of honesty is necessary. Bill Phelan insists that this is the case. And that only so far enough in its range as no injury threatens i.e., honesty is not always something with truth. In accordance with our objectives, we adapt the reality so. What implies is that we give us friendship certain Benefits are hoping for, a kind of added value in relation to our objectives. This is to see that adjustments to our advantage on the agenda. Depending on which person or group we run also our expected added value factor changes, we adapt ourselves to our ideas and change roles. So we behave when a friend totally left out, but with the other intent on our words. The value in the feel-good factor, is the former when the latter maybe an ability, such as a good listening behavior or a certain degree of tolerance, you want to keep.

There is a cause for the designation of a person as a friend for each case, even if they are not always equally aware. I believe that there is a cause that distinguishes a true friendship and that stands out from the conventional way of use of friendship. What was just described is a fashion term use, as it is too often to watch and less friendship, as rather commercial friendship must be welcomed.