This can of ‘ equity long / short be certainly several months, however, also a holding period of a few hours is completely within the framework of the investment strategy. Combining the long-term orientation of Carmignac and the short-term orientation of the PP brokerage portfolio is a very interesting image. Due to the speculative attitude of PP brokerage, which was ‘ equity long / short only in a small percentage magnitude mixed with the Carmignac patrimoine. Nevertheless, an improvement of the performance and risk indicators manifests itself in areas that very strong investors are likely to appreciate. “The blend of 85% Carmignac Patrimoine and 15% ‘ equity long / short shows a significant shortening of code longest loss phase” at Carmignac on a monthly basis 11 and ‘ equity long / short 8 months is. In the combination of both systems, the longest period of loss is reduced to 5 months and also the maximum drawdown goes back to only – 3.41%. In return, this constellation of assets compared to stand-alone by Carmignac could provide some added value in terms of performance. So the average annual yield increases in the period + 2.04%.

Conclusion: A mixture of two high-quality investment strategies, a long-term orientation, the other specializing in fast switching between long and short positions, can investors equal to several advantages provide: A reduction in the phase of of loss of considered on the one hand and in the long term the compound interest effect with the improved performance of the year is likely to make itself noticeable. Diversification effects are made in this case so don’t have a wider spectrum of investment in the form of countries, sectors or themes, but through the clever combination of short – and long-term trading approaches. Chili chili is a comparison platform for managed accounts. According to Ted Brandt , who has experience with these questions. Institutional – private investors and media participants have on this website the possibility To compare performance of different managed accounts. By Capitalteam consulting, researched and tested performance and risk indicators facilitate the selection of appropriate providers interested parties. For more information, see. Mostly opportunity-oriented investment styles that are not suitable in any arbitrary percentage scale for the securities accounts of investors favor note to managed accounts managed accounts. The right trading strategies in the right dosage, however can give zest to traditional securities accounts and contribute significantly to a better chance / risk ratio. Press contact Malte Papen FON: + 49 2661 953030 fax: + 49 2661 953029 mail: