Secure strong carefree package for the whole family available EU 25-US as declare I my child, what is there to the dangers in the Internet? How chatting my child properly? What is a virus? Where there are the best kids sites? How does my child properly, if it is approached by a car driver? How do it get more confidence to assert themselves in extreme situations? How can it detect hazards in advance? What weapons are suitable for my child? Is my child always insulted by fellow students in the schoolyard? What to do? To parents to take the fears and children a safe to make committed the sure-strong team for years with special success rates at German schools in Germany, to protect you from attacks. But not everywhere the social initiative can help in time. A sure strong no worries Pack was designed now with 2 books of a video image DVD and in addition a safety instruction booklet + ensure stark T-shirt. The violence prevention parents audiobook caution! Strong Child!”gives tips, tricks, and suggestions for the protection of children in everyday behaviour in the home, when no one is home to the behaviour on the street and in the schoolyard. Parents know how they raise a self-confident and secure child conclusive examples of many. The parents audiobook still deals with the confidence of the children, the latest findings of motivation as well as mental training. It is a practical, very helpful, but also critical work in which many directly actionable tips and instructions are included.

The children audiobook so you protect yourself properly! discussed in easy to understand language of children and tells stories from everyday life for everyday for the kids. What can you do if you are being blackmailed? If you are offended by classmates? How you can meet in the chat other children without chat rules hurting and many more exciting chapter. There is free music on the net. The complete package was developed by the leading experts of Ralf Schmitz. The violence preventive audiobook caution! Strong child!”by the sure-strong team offers both: kid stories make for entertaining listening experiences, during which both parents and children learn how they can protect in everyday life from violence and abuse. The sure strong no worries Pack can be shop.cfmerworben in the trade or directly from the sure strong team on. Boilerplate sure strong initiative stands for one of the leading non-profit organizations in the area of violence prevention, for modern targeted communication and high-calibre experts. In Germany, the sure-strong team already is a fixed size, when it comes to demanding events on the sensitive area of child protection. With mixed-gender, educationally trained success coaches, the sure strong team in all Germany performs sure strong courses for children and thus makes its contribution to the protection of children from sexual abuse.