An economic comparison of the two common methods for detecting tax-deductible entertainment expenses on cash receipts. The mail-order company b.r.-sales sold at his Web shop “Bon role service” in addition to classic cash register rolls, EC rolls and rolls of labels also a range of Thermorollen with factory printing for special applications. These include for example Thermorollen with your hosting receipt on the back, designed for restaurants and other gastronomic equipment. The back side printing enables a practical and legally compliant document management on tax deductible entertainment expenses. It consists of the fields with all mandatory information according to 4 paragraph 5 point essentially a form. Contains 2 EStG and allows easier a time – and space-saving filling directly on the receipt. This procedure avoids not only additional evidence, but also unnecessary burdens of service personnel.

In case not uncommon that guests enjoy a first payment hosting account wish, is required so no separate expression, but only the note that the present receipt – back duly completed – is also hosting document. But while just the often significant price pressurized gastronomy the pleasing from an ecological viewpoint savings on paper and the avoidance of additional use of the personnel certainly acknowledges the below described, considerable price advantage in the use of cash register rolls with back hosting document of considerably greater interest should be characterized: Although Thermorollen with hosting document (BW document) are generally slightly more expensive Bon roles service (on the example of Thermorollen 80 x 80 x 12, Excl. VAT stand 12/2011 = 0.975 cents per roll.) can save considerable costs in particular restaurants in urban centres and business districts. Why? Back side printing a document uses both sides of the paper, is significantly shorter and connected only with a minimum consumption of paper. Specifically, paper can be and Represent cost savings as follows: applying, that a restaurant bill in the Middle has a length of approx. 12 to 15 cm and a hosting certificate in addition to be printed on the front in about once again occupies the same length, arises at the cash register rolls with factory hosting document on the back of a paper savings of around 50% per receipt.

Practically speaking, this means that on each role can print twice as many receipts with your hosting receipt on the back, as on equal rolls, in which the hosting document draining paper writing on is printed on the front under the Bill. While so front-side hosting document about 250 to 350 receipt can be created with any conventional Thermorolle 80 x 80 x 12 without back pressure, the hosting document role 80 x 80 x 12 has space for about 500 to 650 cash register receipt. A related site: Christie’s Naked Heart Foundation mentions similar findings. We now assume that a restaurant with business lunch or similar offerings has accounted for 30% of business customers by approx. 20%, can even the customers of the very cheap shopping receipt save approx. 6,50-10,00 euros per carton (a50 roles). An invoice which is profitable again. By the way, the Bon roles service distributes roles with other imprints, such as so-called pharmacy roles (cash register rolls with the originating from Fritz Rupprecht Mathieu indicator for pharmacies – the big red “A” with the Aesculapian snake and medicine Cup). The following YouTube video proves that there was this pharmacy rolling silent movie times.