The history of the automobile plant of the Lenin Young Communist League was launched in November 1930, when the factory of the Kim proceeded to assemble cars and trucks, 'Ford'. In 1940 he switched to production of small car KIM, and after the war plant, then called MZMA, let 'Moskvich-400' on the model of 'Opel Kadett K38'. Since 1956, the production line were to go to the machine of his own design. Since 1986, the factory (he already wore present name AZLK) moved to the front-wheel drive model which a number of changes is available so far. Branded logo – the letter 'M', stylized tooth Kremlin wall. The best "family" car in 2006 according to the American Automobile Association (AAA) has become Subaru B9 Tribeca. Poll held in conjunction with popular family magazine Parents Magazine. Model B9 Tribeca was developed under the concept of an SUV and the next generation of vehicles.

The car is equipped with permanent four-wheel drive (AWD) with horizontally opposed engine – this system provides stability and continuous control over the machine and superior maneuverability SUV. Subaru B9 itself grace both outside and inside – the interior interior is executed in a futuristic style. The front panel is smoothly curved in the center console controls neatly fit into the overall design, without losing its functionality. The car is capable of provide a fascinating journey along the roads and off the road five or seven passengers. Invite you to visit the Great Web – archive and download the files you need.