The FTSE Index FTSE attempted to break the 5700 level. With the relationship British pound dollar (GBP/USD) breaking the 1.60 level and the Euro-dollar (EUR/USD) relationship soon to break the 1.40, should see the FTSE moved above the resistance level at any time. S & P AUX 200 index S & P/ASX 200 Australian has started to strengthen again, away from their trend upwards intact since the month of September, as result of which everything to still be designated higher prices as soon as AUR/USD break the 1.40 and the AUD/USD break 1.00. Tesco Tesco is taking a small break and looks very strong. A box with shoulder – head – shoulder inverted pattern would indicate possibly higher prices as soon as the FTSE and the GBP/USD remain below, as you can see above.

BHP BHP has begun to gain strength again and is building a nice box with a pivot pattern. Upward trend is still intact since September and we can still expect prices many older when coming 2 levels of prices from breaking: 41 to break the pivot and 41.5 to break the resistance level set in August. The AUS/USD AUD/USD has almost finished form a classic wedge pattern. We see the movement above 1.00 very soon when this pattern with a wedge to break, and probably in tandem with the movement above 1.40 of the EUR/USD GBP/USD the GBP/USD seems almost ready to start moving seriously. The box with pivot pattern seems that you want to break, followed by another break of the level of resistance of 1.60 set in August. Gold gold futures are the darling of the party, perhaps with the exception of the Silver Futures. The trend upwards is still intact, despite the fact that many speculators believe that a rest is necessary at this time. Anyway, the weakness of the dollar which is sighted, probably means that gold is going to move much higher when investors seek greater security.

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