The idea of a beauty makeup make-up base is the mix of skin tone and cover blemishes. To achieve this, variety of textures and shades of make-up exists in market some more cubritivos and others less. The important thing is to choose them according to our need. Liquid makeup foundations: they do not have high coverage power.Ideal for skin grease, no imperfections or slight imperfections. Liquid makeup Foundation powder finish: these are more cubritivas than the previous ones and give a more velvety appearance.

Ideal for all skin types. Foundations makeup compact: these have a high coverage power, are used to cover major skin lesions such as acne, scars, stains, etc. Within the compact, is diluted bases to water used in oily skin and creamy bases used in normal skin to dry. Another tip is important when choosing the base for our skin is the key of the same, we know that if we have an oily skin with spots or scars, it is better to use a compact dry basis (non-fat). Now, if the tone of our skin is reddish, base tone should be similar to the skin, but with a yellowish or greenish pigment to undermine the original reddish tone. In Argentina, most of piar them them feel better with a base that you turn to el dorado. Because our skin has a tendency more yellow color.In general, the Argentinas does not feel as well pink bases.

There are also reflective bases, with glossy or satin effect.These bases are used in certain areas of the face to illuminate. It is important that before purchasing a make-up base, try it in the rotro.In this way we realize at first glance if it is suitable for our type of skin. We have in mind is not the basis which must give color to the skin, you must only emparearla.To give you a more Tan effect, tonalizadores are used. Original author and source of the article