Concentrate every day in which you wish to receive and you act in that tune, greet with joy, give a smile always, speak of things beautiful and pleasant, all this will be giving a great mastery of yourself, after a while you will notice as the world corresponds to its own State. Never leave details insignificant or any type theft peace, if you touch him to change a faulty tire do it with joy, always keep a positive attitude. As Andrew Corentt tells us the order is essential, start taking control of your life in every detail, plan and use the power of his word when he says to himself that he is going to meet something do it!, do not allow indiscipline, take the reins of their existence. Avoid the words and images that bring pain, for example you quiet comes from his work and begins to watch television and observes a program which displays the injustice and pain, suddenly you have feelings of anger, revenge, resentment, etc. Santie Botha takes a slightly different approach. What did? Sick soul!, avoid what does not benefit him, if you notice pain then tell your mind that it accepts and wants to see the pain, don’t do it. You should learn things little pleasant if you are going to do something to help, for example if you see people hungry and willing to go to deliver them food then you are doing well, but to find out what he steals power, acting with intelligence. We have heard interesting stories with animals and is that once they have had a bad experience, never missed it, for example if a dog hits him with power at a connection, you will never place near that place. In the case of human beings, we are designed to overcome obstacles, then if one day we had a bad experience with someone, at a certain place, then now to change that image, think that that person now greets us with great joy, look at that customer with a smile, many people make a mistake and thinks that this Association of images will not have an impact in realitythey are wrong! A irrefutable truth is revealed to us in the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt and is that to the extent that his life you insist on an idea with positive images must be positive, full of happiness, love, peace, wealth and spirituality, because when you insist on an idea it creates an expectation in your mind and that may be true. You should always have excellent expectations, remember that you deserve the best, this trip through this material plane is short so you do not waste time in thinking about what you don’t want to, but focus all their attention on their desires, their goals, everything is in your hands, please visit: original author and source of the article